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Industrial testing for Casing pipe of Premium class DGT connection threaded

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Casing pipe with gastight coupling connection of premium-class DGT with sizes 244,48Х11,99 mm grade P110 and V150 and 194Х12,7 mm grades N80 and P110 were produced by an enterprise in December 2014 and tested industrially in terms of the oil well #2 on Vodianovskaya area field.

Meanwhile screwing and carrying pipes down the column, no any defects have been detected, the tightness of the oil well meets the project documentation requirements, the total depth of the oil well is 5500 meters out of which the casing with threaded connection DGT size 244,48X11,99 grade P110 and V150 made up to 4585 meters, at in-situ pressure of the well 54.5 MPa.