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New quality management system introduced

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At the enterprise, the issue of the quality of products is one of the priority places. The company has implemented and operates a Quality Management System, which is confirmed by such certificates as ISO 9001: 2008, DSTU ISO 9001: 2009, as well as certificates of conformity for manufactured products, such as API 5CT, GOST 633-80, GOST 632-80 and for production electrowelded pipes.

Along with the fact that the enterprise is constantly increasing the stock of measuring tools and control devices, a large BP-2 projector was put into operation, for the purpose of non-destructive testing of the thread parameters, both of the finished product and the thread-forming tool before installation on machines. The profile is checked by taking an impression of the finished part, for which a non-shrinking material is used. The prepared cast is placed on the desktop of the projector and, using a 50x magnification, it is checked against the reference drawing located on the projector screen.

Also, using microscrews and reading devices of the projector, they measure the thread pitch, average and inner diameter, actual height and angles of the thread profile.

The projector allows you to make these measurements with an accuracy - linear up to 0.005 mm and angular up to 3 '.