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Industrial testing for Casing pipe of Premium class DGT connection threaded

Casing pipe with gastight coupling connection of premium-class DGT with sizes 244,48Х11,99 mm grade P110 and V150 and 194Х12,7 mm grades N80 and P110 were produced by an enterprise in December 2014 and tested industrially in terms of the oil well #2 on Vodianovskaya area field.

Meanwhile screwing and carrying pipes down the column, no any defects have been detected, the tightness of the oil well meets the project documentation requirements, the total depth of the oil well is 5500 meters out of which the casing with threaded connection DGT size 244,48X11,99 grade P110 and V150 made up to 4585 meters, at in-situ pressure of the well 54.5 MPa.

«DGT® Premium Casing» with gastight coupling connection of premium-class for Casing elaborated by DNIPROVSKIY PIPE WORKS in 2014

Group of specialists from DNIPROVSKIY PIPE WORKS have elaborated a Casing pipe assortment in 2014 that is called «DGT® Premium Casing» with gastight coupling connection of premium-class, in a wide range of applications and environments for the oil and natural gas industry


Gas-tight coupled connection of ‘Premium’ Class with trapezoid threading on a casing pipe is destined for construction and operation in vertical and controlled directional wells of oil, gas and gas-condensate field


The threading connection has been developed to meet ISO 13679, CAL IV technical specification. Connection design shall ensure quick and easy make-up in the most extreme environment


Stress distribution in string is optimized by connection design


100% efficiency connection for stretching equivalent to pipe body


A distance to pin butt-end improves the safety for transporting, preparation and connection make-up


A groove before sealing area is destined to protect threading from extra pressure formed by compressed lubricant as well as for excessive lubricant collection place


A streamlined inside profile for connection with fine tolerance shall minimize turbulence in gas flow, put no obstacle to well construction jobs and diminish ‘wear-out sensitivity’


A patented sealing system with a conical “metal-to-metal” seal and stabilizer that has the same strength parameters with pipe body will perform high gas-tightness even for critical environment under heavy pressure and high operation temperature as well as in case of operation of casing pipe (dimension range 5” – 13 3/8”) for tubing performance.

A “gripped” thread will improve with standability to possible shifting and decrease circular stress in coupling in case of bending, stretching or compression of a casing string. That makes possible to operate the connection in extra-depth and controlled directional wells.

A stabilizer like a guide with double-beveled panel for better fit, fit angle and enlarged thrust shoulder shall withstand to hard collapse and compression ambient.

It is resulted to outstanding tightness and construction fatigue of connection implied to destructive combined loading.

Victory in the competition "100 best goods of Ukraine"


In May 2013 LLC "Dniprovsky Pipe Works" took part in the national competition at products quality (works, services) - "100 best goods of Ukraine" presented their products for review by the chamber of judges  , exactly  pipes with big sizes.

According to the results of the contest October 18, 2013, our company was declared as the winner in a nomination - "Goods for industrial purposes."

“Dniprovskiy Pipe Works” LLC was named as the winner in the tender for sale of state shares of PJSC "Pavlograd Automatic Lines Plant and machinery"


On July 29th , “Dniprovskiy Pipe Works” LLC has applied to participate in the tender for sale of state shares of PJSC "Pavlograd Automatic Lines Plant and machinery"

On August the 1st, 2013 “Dniprovskiy Pipe Works” LLC was named as the winner in the tender for sale of state shares of PJSC "Pavlograd Automatic Lines Plant and machinery"

On August 19th, the state-owned share holding of PJSC «Plant Palmash", was written off the accounts at the State Property Fund (SPF) in favor of DWP LLC. The operation was carried out after “Dniprovskiy Pipe Works” LLC has completely paid for acquired shares.

Pavlograd automatic production lines and machines factory

Pavlograd automatic production lines and machines factory, having a half-century history of its development, is one of the largest enterprises specialized in the production of foundry equipment today. We dispose an entire set of production equipment allowing us to make a full cycle of parts production from iron and steel casting, heat treatment, machining, electroplating up to assembling machines and other machines that meet the highest requirements of the customers


The range of products covers a wide range of mixers for the preparation and distribution of self-hardening mixtures with productivity from 1.6 to 40 t / h, bar send-blasting machine in heated and unheated rigging with a bar mass of 50 kg, molding machines with the maximum size of flask 1200x1000x400 mm, vibrating tables to firm chemically hardening mixtures with capacity from 0.6 to 3 t, pulse forming machines of high and low pressure with flask sizes from 500x400 to 1200x1200 mm, removable flask molding line with the size of half-forms 600x500 - 800x500 mm, bar making lines with volume from 1.5 to 20 dm3 and other equipment for the areas with small scale mechanization.


Since 1995, the plant develops a new business activity - mining equipment repair and spare parts production for it. Over the years we have mastered and overhauled powered support 1KD80, KD90, and so on.


By individual order, the plant produces steel and iron castings on various degrees of complexity, welded steel structures in different forms and sizes, rubber items, and also does machining, heat treatment and galvanization for customer’s parts.

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