«DGT® Premium Casing» with gastight coupling connection of premium-class for Casing elaborated by DNIPROVSKIY PIPE WORKS in 2014


Group of specialists from DNIPROVSKIY PIPE WORKS have elaborated a Casing pipe assortment in 2014 that is called «DGT® Premium Casing» with gastight coupling connection of premium-class, in a wide range of applications and environments for the oil and natural gas industry


Gas-tight coupled connection of ‘Premium’ Class with trapezoid threading on a casing pipe is destined for construction and operation in vertical and controlled directional wells of oil, gas and gas-condensate field


The threading connection has been developed to meet ISO 13679, CAL IV technical specification. Connection design shall ensure quick and easy make-up in the most extreme environment


Stress distribution in string is optimized by connection design


100% efficiency connection for stretching equivalent to pipe body


A distance to pin butt-end improves the safety for transporting, preparation and connection make-up


A groove before sealing area is destined to protect threading from extra pressure formed by compressed lubricant as well as for excessive lubricant collection place


A streamlined inside profile for connection with fine tolerance shall minimize turbulence in gas flow, put no obstacle to well construction jobs and diminish ‘wear-out sensitivity’


A patented sealing system with a conical “metal-to-metal” seal and stabilizer that has the same strength parameters with pipe body will perform high gas-tightness even for critical environment under heavy pressure and high operation temperature as well as in case of operation of casing pipe (dimension range 5” – 13 3/8”) for tubing performance.

A “gripped” thread will improve with standability to possible shifting and decrease circular stress in coupling in case of bending, stretching or compression of a casing string. That makes possible to operate the connection in extra-depth and controlled directional wells.

A stabilizer like a guide with double-beveled panel for better fit, fit angle and enlarged thrust shoulder shall withstand to hard collapse and compression ambient.

It is resulted to outstanding tightness and construction fatigue of connection implied to destructive combined loading.